Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Facebookers don’t want no Stephen Hawking book smartz

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As is so often the case, all you can really do is point and laugh (which is always preferable to despair):

My transcript* (all [sic]):

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Melanie Lee Baker (MLB): Not to be mean but I would love to know why people think Steven Hawking is so smart. I guess since nothing else on him works properly, they'd figure at least his brain would.

Katie Iscariot: Hawking's key scientific works to date have included providing, with Roger Penrose, theorems regarding gravitational singularities in the framework of general relativity, and the theoretical prediction that black holes should emit radiation, which is today known as Hawking radiation (or sometimes as Bekenstein–Hawking radiation.

Kevin Bradley Morgan (KBM): and that has significance to human life how...?? NOBODY CARES!

KBM: 98% of all human beings will NEVER even hear of whatever it is u just mentioned in that comment so therefore, it serves of ZERO importance or use the human race. instead of spending federal funding out trying to find a needle in a haystack, why dont these so called "smart" people like hawking try to fix the economy with all their mathematics and put that intelligence to good use instead of playin around with telescopes. ugh. disgusts me.

MLB: There's a reason it's simply "theoretical," I can develop theories of my own, doesn't make me a genius.

KBM:: thank u melanie. as far as i, and i believe i can speak for the majority of Americans, am concerned...none of that space garbage will even matter to use bc the earth is NOT going to run out of natural resources, we are NOT experiencing "global warming," and id like to kick stephen hawkings frickin wheelchair over over and see how smart he was about that. lol

KBM: well i mean, i can sit there and come up wtih ways to conserve energy and theories about how stars are born, live, and die and become something else and all this hooplah about space bullshit that doesnt matter. i can also come up with ways to fix our economy, or at least start in that direction ya know...but does that make me a world leading politician or economist?? hell no. it makes me a man with common sense, something our government doesnt know the meaning of.


MLB: I enjoy when you're on a rant, it puts a smile on my face from ear to ear. But you're 100% right, wear to it. I feel the same way.

KBM: thank you melanie. glad to know at least one other person besides myself has COMMON sense. lol @ katie. hahahahaha

MLB: I'd rather have common sense over book smarts any day, it's more crucial to life matters.

KBM: exactly. like, i kid u not, i could live my entire life and NEVER know what quantum mechanics, or string theory, fucking "gravitational singularities in the framework of general relativity, and the theroetical prediction that black holes should emit radiation" is and id be MUCH better off than these crazy ass scientists who have no life to begin with. i mean com'on, HES IN A FUCKING WHEELCHAIR!! even if the world starts to end and there is a way to survive it, HE SURE AS HELL WOULDNT BE ABLE TO!! DAMN. can i get a "BOOM ROASTED" melanie?? lol

MLB: It serves no purpose to the significance of every day life. And about his entire "2010" thing: We're born, we live, and we'll go whenever it's time, there's no use trying to predict it either. A lot of things emit radiation, tanning beds, microwaves, etc. I feel bad when I make fun of his illness or whatever but it'st he truth, I have compassion for that part but everyone acts like he's high and mighty, I do believe a portion of it is a pity party. And, I don't even know what that means but you're legit so I'll humor ya! "BOOM ROASTED!"

MLB: 2012, btw. I got all excited and typo'd.

KBM: its like what now in kevmo terms hahaha. and you couldnt have said that any better mel. i will leave it be now. =)

MLB: I like it, it's pretty swanky if I do say so myself. I think we have made our point rather nicely.

MLB: Can I get a yeehaw?!


KBM: and melanie, btw, dont say "not to be mean" bc u definitely had the intentions of being mean! lmao

MLB: Lmfao, I know, right? You know me so well.

KBM: what can i say, "great minds think alike" lol. take that stephen hawking! BOOM GRILLED!! lol

MLB: Hahahahaha!

What glorious imbeciles. That is not common sense. That is pure malignant stupidity, the sort that makes it increasingly difficult to understand how humanity as a species could have survived and prospered with intellectual dead weights like these two dragging it down.

Kudos to miss Iscariot for the valiant attempt at education, though.

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* Intermittent Internet outages put to good use. Grawr.
I feel tempted not to transcribe it all just to avoid the risk of dumbing down my own English literacy, such as it already is.