Sunday, May 15, 2011

Jon Stewart tears into Fox and Hannity’s hypocrisy [restored]

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On last Wednesday’s edition of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart had a heck of a time exposing Fox News’s boringly obvious hypocrisy in kvetching over peaceful, vegetarian rapper Common’s supposedly filthy lyrics when A) their complaints all come from one single poem that they misunderstood, and B) they had praised him for the same lyrics in the past. Even better is when Hannity actually claims that he would oppose any artist who badmouthed President Obama, when he had publicly defended Ted Nugent after he’d gone on a swear-infused rant telling then-Candidate Obama to “suck on his machine gun” (and calling Hillary Clinton a “worthless bitch”):

Says Stewart:

This isn’t even fun anymore. I barely even get angry about this; I just feel sorry for you guys now. It took longer to play that [clip showing Hannity’s hypocritical defense of Nugent] than it did to find it. We’ve actually started burying these tapes around the office just to make it sporting. It’s almost impossible to express how ridiculous this – and you – all are at this point. It’s beyond a caricature of your own cartoon.

He then goes on a funny and surprisingly decent rap slamming Fox some more. I love this show.