Friday, April 22, 2011

Rush Limbaugh proclaims himself “the nation’s morale officer”

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It’s not always clear when Rush Limbaugh means to say ‘moral’ or ‘morale’ in this clip, but regardless, if he’s the “morale officer” of the United States, then I’m the Chief Justice Superintendent of Canada:

My transcript:

Now, I realize, folks, that I am the nation’s morale officer. That is just one of the things that accrues to me. It’s my default. I, El Rushbo, am many things [that, you are …], including the morale officer of this country.

And I really do believe that we’re gonna prevail in the long run. The only problem is, the long run keeps getting longer! Which is gonna require an even longer commitment on the part of everybody on our side. But we will prevail. The other side will collapse of its own moral corruption, as it has everywhere else it’s been tried. The key is to speed along the collapse borne of their own moral corruption.

This is coming from a sophophobic* racist who blames Native-Americans for tobacco deaths, calls crucial and hard-working non-profit employees “lazy idiots” and “rapists in terms of finance and economy”, and who only recently called supporters of President Obama “walking human debris” who “savage” conservatives because “they can’t find willing mates”. (And that’s just a few cases that I chose to cover on this blog.) And he’s declaring that liberals are suffering from “moral corruption”.

Could he be any more of a lame joke?

* sophophobia: “fear of learning” (ie. anti-intellectualism)