Thursday, March 17, 2011

Take the Preliator 2011 reader survey!

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First of all: No, I did not totally rip off Jen’s own idea for a blog readership survey. (Again.) Truth be told, I had been considering launching another survey for a few weeks, but never got around to it. I figured today, with my backlog of things to get done, would present a prime opportunity to start collecting some reader data, so here you go:

Take the Preliator Survey 2011!
(Survey closes April 01, 2011 at midnight.)

Now, last year’s survey attracted a total of 18 responses. Now, my Google Analytics data tells me that Preliator is receiving nearly twice as much monthly traffic as it was in the same period of last year (*obligatory moment of pride*), so that means I’ll be expecting at least 30 responses this time. Think you can live up to the challenge, my dear urchins?

(Yes, I’m aware it’s time I thought of a halfway-clever nickname for my blog readers.)