Saturday, March 05, 2011

Might be away for a while [updated]

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After weeks of setbacks and delays and whatnot, I am finally at my father’s place, writing this from his laptop* while Windows 7 slowly installs on my brother’s old (and my new) computer. (That’s two years old, not exactly Windows Millenium-era.) Afterwards, it’ll be time to reinstall all my (many, many gigabytes of) files and programs, followed by what’s sure to be many tears of frustration over just how many configurations I need to fiddle with to get my Windows back to the way I like it.

In other words, I won’t be able to do much of anything else than slowly break my new system in for the rest of the evening (if not the next few days), so expect a temporary silence here while I tediously, laboriously, eventually, get everything back up and running.

And with a little luck, maybe I’ll be less close to going on a murderous rampage once I’ve gotten this promised computer, which I’ve been told should be about 10 times faster than my old one. (But then, same with an IBM PC. I seriously cannot overemphasize just how shitty my old PC was. Is. Whatever.) Until my (safe?) return, consider this an open thread, my beloved varmints.

Update: (03/05/11 9:15 PM) – Am now back home. Windows 7 properly installed and running magnificently (though I have about two hundred updates to install …), and this computer’s running like a dream so far. I may stop losing my hair now. Still have tons of work to do, though, so don’t expect any new posts for a while still.

* PS – Typing with a standard keyboard once you’ve gotten used to an ergonomic one is worse than waterboarding. (Sorta.)