Monday, February 14, 2011

For the Right, calling Michelle Obama fat is comedy gold

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Having obviously never had a single rational (or even coherent) argument against First Lady Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” anti-obesity campaign, the Right-wing has now reached a new low in their zeal to attack the First Family and has finally regressed all the way back to the fourth grade:

Cartoon: Michelle Obama is fat (by James Hudnall and Batton Lash
Ha! Big ears! Fat Michele!! Burgers!!! Lololololol

Actually, I take that back. Even most fourth-graders are able to actually make a decent joke. Whereas, the modern Right seems to regard any imbecilic and downright unfunny attack against the Obamas as the pinnacle of political comedy.

How truly pathetic they’ve become.

(Pro Tip: Check out the cartoon’s comments section, which somehow make Hudnall and Lash’s attempt at teh funnee sound like Patton-farking-Oswalt by comparison. These people are disgusting.)

(via Media Matters for America)