Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fail Quote: Bill Donohue doesn’t care about old crimes

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Catholic League President Bill Donohue
Bill Donohue

From the perennial Defender of the Faith™, Bill Donohue, fulminating against the ACLU’s supposed hypocrisy in defending Muslims in court:

So it is a little too late for the ACLU to feign outrage over FBI agents spying on Muslims in a mosque: it cares not a whit about religious rights, unless they serve a political purpose. That's why the ACLU is so fond of defending the religious rights of prisoners, but is noticeably silent when it comes to the due process rights of Catholic priests accused of crimes that allegedly happened decades ago.

Right, the ACLU should totally be jumping in to defend priests accused of molesting children, because seeing as these atrocious crimes “allegedly” took place decades ago, they’re now utterly meaningless, aren’t they?

This isn’t the first time Donohue has reiterated his absurd and immoral argument that accusations of old crimes should be swept under the rug. Because, hey, those kids got over it, right? Sure, it may have traumatized them for life, but they’re alive, and that’s what the Christian “pro-life” sentiment is all about, after all.