Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Cove

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Movie still from ‘The Cove’ (2009) showing dolphin slaughter
That’s not Photoshopped red.

A few weeks ago, PZ Myers tweeted about having seen The Cove, an award-winning 2009 documentary about the secret and horrendous dolphin massacres in Japan, and the tangled web of cover-ups put in place by the Japanese government and its allies to keep it all hidden from the general population. I only just got around to watching it. All I can say is that the filmmakers chose wisely to put the most poignant scenes at the end – most people probably wouldn’t make it through the whole thing otherwise.

I was unable to find any YouTube videos of the scene-in-question that were embeddable*, so here’s the trailer instead. Watch it, then watch the full documentary. Anyone with a conscience will be glad they did. [Warning for loud volume.]

Thankfully, a few things have already begun to change since this film came out and began turning quite a few heads, but the slaughter itself continues unabated. So if you can, do something.

* Seriously, what the fuck? Is there a memo going around telling uploaders to disable embedding of their videos? How incredibly pointless and frustrating.