Monday, January 10, 2011

Pope Ratzi: Sex and civic ed = attack on religious freedom

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Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI

From You-Know-Who, speaking out against the evils of mandatory sexual and civics education:

Sexual and civic education in schools in Europe is an "attack" on religious freedom, Pope Benedict XVI said on Monday in a traditional annual address to foreign diplomats to the Vatican.

"I cannot remain silent about another attack on the religious freedom of families in certain European countries which mandate obligatory participation in courses of sexual or civic education," the Pope told the ambassadors.

He said such courses "convey a neutral concept of the person and of life, yet in fact reflect an anthropology opposed to faith and to right reason".

The Pope said this was an example of the "threats" against "the cultural roots which nourish the profound identity and social cohesion of many nations".

Because there’s nothing so evil and dangerous (and anti-religious!) as teaching kids about how to have sex safely and responsibly and how to become decent and productive citizens.

I think it’s time this guy had a change in speechwriters.

(via @religionnews)