Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Michael Savage’s hilarious fit of rage against Media Matters

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Just in case you need a reminder of how low broadcast standards have sunk (at least for the US), take a listen at radio hate-monger Michael Savage’s latest rant against his enemies on the Left, notably watchdog group Media Matters for America for dutifully sharing around all the crazy shit he spouts for a living.

I wonder how many shades of red his face went through during those hysterical three minutes. He certainly must’ve reached mauve.

Normally, I’d include a little transcription of the juicy bits, but frankly, this doesn’t even require one, much less merit one. Just imagine some angry impotent lunatic taking to the mike and frantically rifling through a word-salad bowl filled with all the typical far-right threats and smears from Nazis to George Soros, and you get the gist of it.