Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Daily Blend: Tuesday, November 16, 2010

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Far side of the moon
Far side of the moon
  • New Haven, Connecticut man arrested, charged and convicted for filming on-duty cops – mere weeks after both the mayor and police chief affirmed that doing so is perfectly legal.

  • New Castle, NY councilman Michael Wolfensohn calls cops on two 13-year-old boys selling cupcakes without a permit.

  • Richard Dawkins reads some of his hate-mail (11m30s in) in his adorable British accent. Oh, and there are some questions before that.

  • As easy as it may be to feel schadenfreude at hearing that Westboro Baptist Church kooks had their car tires slashed and were refused any help, I mirror PZ Myers’s reaction: We ought to be better than that. I take no pleasure in hearing of property damage, only in learning that cranks sink into ignominy.

  • Rush Limbaugh’s latest sure-to-be “media tweak”: Bashing a female journalist for writing a pro-Obama article as a stupid babe – except that Sasha Abramsky of Salon is a man.

  • A few conclusions about what the voters want from the government. In other words: People are fucking stupid.

  • The dark side of the Moon [pictured] was molded by the Earth’s gravity.
    (via The Daily Grail)

  • Spectacular night-time shots of Earth taken from the International Space Station.
    (via The Daily Grail)

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