Sunday, November 14, 2010

German news report on Miami’s inhumane sex offender laws

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You know that something about your country’s laws has to be smelling rather rancid when even news channels across the ocean devote their time to covering their disastrous effects. Here’s a German news report (with subtitles), dating from June 2009, covering the inhumane living conditions endured by sex offenders in Miami, FL, many of whom are forced to live under bridges in order to stay at least 700 meters away from any public area where children gather regularly, as per the city’s policy.

Incidents like this are far, far more common than what supporters of these draconian and egregiously pointless laws would have you believe. Especially when anywhere from half to a vast majority of these “criminals” are actually nothing of the sort by any moral standard, having been caught engaging in fully consensual sexual relations with minors who were only a couple of years younger than they were at the time, or who were only caught pissing in public and are now ranked alongside child molesters and serial rapists in the sex offender registry, and treated accordingly, both by law enforcement and the reactionary public.

(via @todayspolitics)