Saturday, October 30, 2010

Video: I Remember why not to vote Republican

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GOP vs. Democrats

Maybe the reason the polls predict such a turn-out in favor of the GOP in the midterms, now three days away, is because most of the population are perfectly fine with allowing greedy, lying, hypocritical and self-serving douchebags take the reigns of the country and crash it into a few more ditches, smiling with their money-lined pockets as they watch the nation burn. Or, perhaps less cynically and more likely, they simply don’t remember at the moment who it was that dragged the US into so many dark pits in the first place. Here’s a great political ad explaining why those equipped with functioning memories should not vote Republican on 11/02.

[Video below the fold.]

Ideally (or only a decade or two ago), any political party with a track record like that would instantly be ostracized as the craziest of fringe groups. Yet now, they hold an apparent majority of the vote.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

(via Political Irony)