Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Gene Burmington: Hazardous sites with unhealthy substances

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This is a guest post by my friend Gene Burmington.

Fundies (underwear for two)
At least this definition of “fundy” has some use. … Sorta

Familiar or not, there are locations called "Superfund Sites". These are areas that people with any measure of sanity or common sense avoid at all costs. That's because these are sites of interest to the government due to concerns of leaking hazardous waste leading to a lethal risk of exposure to the public.

Most chemicals in a toxic waste dump are industrial grade byproducts of various manufacturing processes such as metallurgy, mining, or the manufacture of plastic goods. Considering that a lot of these toxins were buried before proper disposal methods were researched and implemented, a lot of carcinogenic leakage occurs, such as in the case of the "Love Canal" (not so lovely with cancer causing agents, is it now?).

Due to potential risks to innocent unprotected persons, the United States government has authorized a multi-billion dollar budget to combat the scourge of these various pollutants that have languished in improper storage containers ranging from a few years old to several decades.

However, not even the government has plans in place to deal with a far more sinister threat to innocent persons. For years, different ills have been passed around like a cold and people become sick from exposure. Either it changes their very behavior, or it makes people of stronger stamina sick and suffer through a great deal of nausea before they can get over the condition.

I speak of SuperFundy Sites; where different militant preachers inform a gullible public of their definition of religious figures. Most notable is with groups like the Westboro Baptist Church, which spreads an unhealthy doctrine to healthy minds about the theoretical sins of various minority groups, which is a dangerous content to spill around.

With different leakages such as "GodHatesFags" or "PreistsRapeBoys", it is clear that there is a certain toxicity spreading about which affects all those around who cannot help but fall under the influence.

Without treatment by a therapist or a more liberal preacher, this condition worsens and drives one insane. It's a pity that the government isn't looking into these kinds of toxic waste dumps such as those linked to or by "Conservapedia.org", but America flourishes in a market of free thought. Even unhealthy ones, it seems.

Of course, SuperFundy Sites aren't just the regular band of errant Christians, as there are a number of followers of Islam who also have problems trying to spread a written word that isn't hallowed by disease and lethal poisons.

Revolution Muslim, though, is more potent in its content as it spreads a damaging impure ideology of suppressing all of those who try to use free thought and freedom to criticize all facets of modern culture and daily life. Though, if some subjects can't be made into entertainment for fear of lethal consequences through lead poisoning, then that ultimately isn't a good site to visit considering the nasty fallout following the South Park fiasco.

Overall, no toxic location is safe for anyone who values their health. Even the Surgeon General can't warn us about everything that's out there. If you want to save your brain cells from exposure to this miasma of unkempt ideas, it is recommended that you stick to places which ensure equality and understanding for all.