Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad neighbors extraordinaire mock dying 7-year-old girl

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Kathleen Edward, 7, dying of Huntington’s Chorea
Kathleen Edward, 7

Just in case you were developing a halfway-good opinion of humanity today, here’s a report of a neighborly feud that involves a vindictive couple mocking a dying 7-year-old girl, only to eventually cow down and dishonestly offer some lame-ass apologies once the story hit the airwaves and their unbelievable vileness was shared around the world. There’s really nothing more to add to this, as nothing I say can really make this any more horrible or poignant.

It all started about two years ago when the Roses failed to respond to a text message fast enough for Jennifer Petkov’s liking.

How do people like this even exist? This is just another bit of evidence showing how evolution is a godless mechanism: It doesn’t have “inhumanity” and “full of shit” factored in as attributes that ought be eradicated.

(via Respectful Insolence)