Friday, October 29, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: “Community values” guy rejoices at ongoing workplace anti-LGBT discrimination

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Patrick Mangan
Patrick Mangan
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Here’s a truly golden quote from Patrick Mangan, executive director of the Indiana-based group Citizens for Community Values (so you can reliably guess their ideology already), reacting to the (sadly unsurprising) defeat of a measure that would’ve protected South Bend workers from anti-LGBT discrimination:

"I'm pleased the council did the right thing in lovingly opposing special rights for homosexuals," he said, adding, "And I renew the offer to all those struggling with same-sex attraction to come to freedom and come to wholeness."

I think I choked a little when I read that. It was an odd sound, something between a laugh, a scoff and a gag. These people really are shamelessly transparent, aren’t they?

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