Monday, September 20, 2010

Who really deserves to be voted out …

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Just imagine if the educated minority of Americans could go to the ballots and vote on the subject of the unwashed masses that are spreading so much stupidity across the country (and, by extension, much of the adjoining world along with it):

Cartoon for 09/20/10 | (Tom Toles)
Cartoon for 09/20/10 | (Tom Toles)

Well, either that, or we could just implement some sort of awareness and general intelligence litmus test for the electoral base to pass in order to obtain the license to vote. In all honesty, I can’t see much to complain about such a measure, should it be enforced properly, as it would serve only to weed out all the ignorami and wingnuts who simply cannot be trusted to vote with anything other than partisan politics and black-and-white ideology in mind, policy and sensible governing be damned. Imparting free rights upon everyone equally is one thing. Allowing a deranged fringe to gain the upper hand and seize control through misinformation and demagogy is quite another.

Picture a US without the votes of most Republicans, Tea Partiers, religious-Rightists and wingnuts of all flavors … The country would turn more liberal than Amsterdam overnight.

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