Saturday, September 04, 2010

What if Maggie Gallagher met St. Peter?

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Robert Tisinai on YouTube (aka robtish) is one of the things that validate the site’s existence (along with it being a cheap service for finding segmented pirated movies). He always has some interesting thing to say and is always ready and willing to smack down the latest right-wing anti-gay talking points, such as that gay men molest more children (a claim that’s equal parts offensive and moronic). Here’s his latest production, a comedic little animation showing how Maggie Gallagher, ex-President of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), would (ideally) be received by the keeper of the pearly gates himself, St. Peter. [Video below the fold.]

Wish the voices weren’t done my computer, though; makes it awkward to listen to at times. But the video and message is crisp and brilliant. Though, somehow, her avatar just doesn’t reflect how odious she is in person.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)