Saturday, September 25, 2010

What if Civilization had lyrics?

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Ever wanted to know just how massive the scope of the epic computer strategy game was by taking the gorgeous theme song and adding in some witty lyrics? Well, you have odd demands. And here it is, courtesy of brentalfloss [video below the fold]:

Would’ve been better with captions, but no matter. I like Civ IV, myself, since having been introduced – at the point of a bayonet and a nuclear warhead – by certain Twitter buddies, but I sadly don’t share the rabid fanaticism that seems to take hold of most others who try it out.

I think I’ll just stick with my SimCity 4. Who needs to control entire empires when you can just spawn a volcano and a dozen tornadoes in the middle of New York City? Sounds like a fair exchange to me.

(via Blag Hag)