Sunday, September 26, 2010

Daily Blend: Sunday, September 26, 2010

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Mike Celizic
Mike Celizic
  • New meta-study on the relation between traditional gender roles and sexual abuse reveals rapists and child molesters are generally more religious and socially conservative. So it would seem that demonizing and repressing sexual urges leads to bad things. Shocker, that.

  • List of the “40 Best Conservative Blogs for 2010” at Right Wing News. Yup, it’s a cavalcade of necrocerebralism.

  • Mike Celizic [pictured], MSNBC reporter and sports columnist stricken with terminal lymphoma, has died.

  • For the record, I happily encourage filing criminal charges against asshole youths who bully LGBT kids to death.
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  • Looks like the Pentagon was able to fulfill their quota of censorial cowardice after all. Or, alternatively, they really, really need to sit down and Google “Streisand Effect”, along with anyone else trying to suppress information in such a stupidly blatant manner as burning books.

  • John Shook from the Center for Inquiry epitomizes the Courtier’s Reply in a silly little anti-atheist screed over at The Huffington Post. Jerry Coyne (Why Evolution Is True) dissects it.
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  • Bishop Eddie Long denies the charges of sexual exploitation from four young men before his cheeringly supportive congregation. I wonder how they’ll all react should the accusations be substantiated.

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