Thursday, September 02, 2010

TheAmazingAtheist responds to Pat Condell

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I’m not usually very big on videos from prominent godless YouTuber TheAmazingAtheist, but in response to some of the increasingly insubstantially hateful commentary from Pat Condell, particularly in his irrational opposition to the so-called “Ground Zero Mosque” (in reality an Islamic cultural center proposed at a site two blocks north of Ground Zero), he truly stands up to his moniker with this cutting and thundering response:

You gotta admire that passion with which he slams his points home, especially at the end, there. Poor Condell has either been taken in by the bullshitters on the Right, or else he’s sadly devolved into a plain old hater at this point, thus showing how even atheists aren’t immune from irrationality and prejudice.

I look forward to any reaction this gets from Condell, though I’m skeptical he’ll even hear about it, much less take the time to record a response.

(via Friendly Atheist)