Thursday, September 02, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: No, sex doesn’t make girls dependant

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Cartoon: Abstinence-only sex ed cartoon
[source: Lite News]

As if it weren’t enough for U.S. schoolchildren to be in a pitiful state of sex ed deficiency, the usual suspects are now trying to spread their educative incompetence elsewhere as well. Focus on the Family is planning to disseminate booklets promoting their traditional (and long-discredited) abstinence-only approach to safe sex throughout high schools and universities in the south-western Chinese province of Yunnan. Because conservative Christian groups have done such a good job this far when it comes to teaching about sexual control.

However, that’s not quite the relevant bit for this post. Here’s what qualifies as today’s (unintentionally belated) Fail Quote:

However, Yang Wanqiu, a professor at Yunnan University, told the state-run Global Times newspaper that it was important for girls to refuse the advances of male students. “If a girl had sex with her boyfriend, she would become mentally dependent on the boy,” Mr Yang said.

“It would do no good for her studies and daily life.”

Because, apparently, semen is so potent that it sucks girls’ mental fortitude right out of their frail little minds, leaving them helpless as they’re turned into fuck-slaves for the rest of their lives. It’s totally an open secret. Oh, and please ignore all those countless women (including teens and young adults) who live active sexual lives whilst still enjoying the full perks of an autonomous, active and happy existence. They don’t count; you know they’re all just faking it.

Isn’t it curious how it always seems to be the female who ends up sexually/physically/mentally/otherwise enslaved to the male?

(via Right Wing Watch)