Saturday, September 11, 2010

Is Phil Davison running for County Treasurer or Savior of the Universe?

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I heard about this video a day or two ago but didn’t bother watching it. As usual, I should have. Here’s Phil Davison’s (R-Minerva, OH) introductory speech as he asks – or rather, snarls at – the audience to nominate him for Stark County, Ohio Treasurer. It’s an amusing spectacle: He rants and rants, yet has to pause and glance at his notes about every ten seconds or so before resuming his animated discourse. You have to wonder if what we’re seeing is a man high on passion or some other substance. Or maybe he just forgot his medication. The schadenfreude is strong with this guy. [video below the fold]

Anyone wanna bet on whether he gets in or not? On the one hand, people like a forceful and passionate politician; on the other hand, this guy’s a bit of a maniac. Odds are 50-50, I’d say.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)