Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fail Quote of the Day: Cal Thomas wants to fight terrorism by “purging” Muslims

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Cal Thomas
Cal Thomas
[source: Loretta Young]

Renown Islamophobe Cal Thomas has a plan for combating that all-pervasive Islamist terrorist threat: by getting rid of freedom of religion for all Muslims. No, really. From a fear-mongering column at Rightist website Townhall:

We are doing a poor job of fighting the terrorists at home if we continue to allow Muslim immigrants, especially from Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen, into America. We won't win this war if we permit the uncontrolled construction of mosques, as well as Islamic schools, some of which already have sown the seeds from which future terrorists will be cultivated. We won't win this war if we continue to permit the large-scale conversion to Islam of prison inmates, many of whom become radicalized and upon release enlist in al-Qaida's army.


We must purge the evil from among us, or else.

So, in his illustrious goal of eradicating Islamic extremism, Thomas wants the U.S. to abolish First Amendment rights for all Muslims and stop any more Islamic immigrants from coming in. Not to criticize Thomas, but that’s really just silly and impractical. A much better and utilitarian solution would be to start by forcing them all to register, and then round them up and dump them into guarded camps to make sure we can keep an eye on them at all times so that they don’t go around terrorizing without us knowing about it. Of course, we can easily tell them apart with their brown skin, thick beards and murderous glares, so we won’t even need to identify them with any insignia.

Or, better yet, we could all just cart them all off across the Atlantic, disregarding the fact that they’d just as easily be murdered by al-Qaeda for being American as any other U.S. residents, regardless of their belief in Allah. Hey – the less adherents to a religion where only a tiny fringe of believers engage in violent acts, the better. You know, for national security.

(via Media Matters for America)