Friday, September 03, 2010

How many conservatives think Muslims are the new Jews?

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A conservative talk radio station, 760 KFMB AM, recently ran a poll that read thus:

Sounds promising, doesn’t? Rest assured; according to Cop Block, the results of the above poll were 75% in favor of forcing Muslims to register, leaving only a measly 25% of voters who thought that equating adhering to a religious faith and possessing a lethal weapon was a stupid (not to mention astoundingly unconstitutional) proposition.

Tell me again how the United States is a post-racial country, especially regarding anti-Islamic sentiment? Because, as conservatives are always quick to claim, all these protests over Islamic cultural centers and mosques popping up around the country has nothing to do with Islamophobia.

Then again, this poll was taken on a website that boasts on its front page of featuring the graces of Sean Hannity (currently on the air as I write this), Glenn Beck (who aired previously) and Michael Savage (after Hannity), so it might be obvious that many of those who visit such a website, not to mention cast their vote in an Internet poll featured there, are probably not folks for whom respecting the U.S. Constitution and the legal rights of those Brown people count as high priorities.

The question remains, however … Why stop at registration? Once all these Moslems have been forced – ideally at gunpoint by the National Guard – to get their names, thumbprints and DNA in a federal government register, why not have them wear some sort of symbol out in public to that everyone knows where their loyalties (may or may not) lie? Hell, I’d suggest roping them all up and sending them to some sort of purpose-built camp with tall fences and armed guards, all to make sure that we can really keep an eye on them and not have them use their evil, terrorizin’ powers to bring in jihadists from overseas to – but wait, what am I saying? They are jihadists! Every one of them must be treated as an enemy combatant until the war is over – then we can just send them off to Arabland! Right? Right?

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)