Sunday, September 19, 2010

Dawkins responds to Pope Ratzi at London protest rally

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Pope Benedict XVI
Pope Benedict XVI

Update: (09/19/10 12:33 PM) – Embedded & linked to a higher-quality video of the address.

I’ve already touched on Pope Ratzi’s use of that most insufferably repeated anti-atheist canard (and imagine the competition for that title): that atheism is somehow responsible for Hitler and the Nazis (even though nothing about Nazi Germany had anything remotely godless about it, and that competent historians would probably rather drink donkey piss over having to repeat such a blatantly evident fact one more time). Needless to say, he’s ruffled a number of feathers in doing so – though why anyone would either believe he wouldn’t utter such a claim, or be surprised that he would, is beyond me. (He’s the pope, people, the twisted old geezer at the top of an institution founded and operating on lies and all flavors of hokum.)

However, you can usually count on a select few individuals to raise their rightful concerns in a brilliant manner, and once again, leave it to Richard Dawkins to do so at the Protest the Pope Rally in London. It’s a fitting speech for that oh-so-flamboyantly mean and shrill militant atheist: using facts and reason to present his argument that someone like Pope Ratzi has absolutely no place lecturing atheists, of all people, on such things as morality and past atrocities committed by wicked individuals. [video below the fold]

Somewhat unrelated to Dawkins’s speech, itself, but I love this closing line in the video’s description: “Our state leaders shamefully kissed his arse - we didn't.

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