Sunday, August 08, 2010

O’Reilly attacks Maddow, Maddow kicks his ass, take 2

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I know I seem to be posting a lot of Rachel Maddow videos lately, but then, what else can you expect from an admitted fanboy such as myself? A short while back, I posted a video where our favorite journalist tore apart Bill O’Reilly’s silly ad populum strawman where he responded to her criticism about Fox News by boasting that their ratings crush MSNBC’s every night. As if that had any relevance at all on the truth of Maddow’s criticism.

However, it would seem that O’Reilly hasn’t had enough of being proven completely wrong and dishonest, as he once again attacked Maddow with swipes that lacked any substance, logic or evidence. This time, in a column where he claimed that Maddow’s charges against Fox News constantly pushing bogus “reverse racism” stories (more here) were “without a shred of evidence” (which is ludicrous in itself), he took the time to engage in ad hominem as well in calling her a “far-left loon”, in addition to – naturally – boasting about Fox’s ratings. Maddow practically has a field day with it.

Once again, Bill O’Reilly and other conservative pundits: Stop attacking Rachel Maddow. You have never won and you never will. All you have are lies, distortions and fallacies, and you simply don’t stand a chance compared to the incredible precision and accuracy of Maddow’s arguments. You will always lose, so please, for everyone’s sake, just give it up already.

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