Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Limbaugh claims he says dumb shit to inflame liberal media

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Rush Limbaugh recently made yet another baseless and pointlessly offensive comment in calling the US president “Imam Obama” because the latter dared to express the notion that – *gasp* – Muslims have the right to build whatever the hell they want, wherever the hell they want, if it complies with local laws and ordinances. And so, naturally, he received a bit of flak over this latest dumbass remark. And – naturally – he’s now defaulting to his usual excuse that he’s just “tweaking the media” to get reactions:

Apparently, Rush doesn’t understand the fine point that acting like a stupid dick to inflame others doesn’t make them look foolish or him look cooler. It just makes him look like a stupid dick. (Or, in Internet parlance, a common troll.)