Sunday, August 01, 2010

The 290 greatest Arnold Schwarzenegger quotes

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Is there a bigger icon of badassery than Arnie? (Hint: No, there is not.[1]) If there’s one thing that’s even more characteristic of his roles than bulging biceps, an amusingly heavy Austrian accent and enough firepower to make Rambo weep with pride, it’s his always-timely usage of those unforgettable (and adorably corny) one-liners. If you thought they couldn’t make a 10-minute video packed full of quips retorts … wrong!

Whoo, that was good. Wait, hungry for more? No problemo:

Must … find … suitable … one-liner … Oh, rubber baby buggy bumpers.

Also, he ought to be hit with a shovel for his role as Mr. Freeze. So should the writer who created that horrible character. And so should anyone who participated in making that bucket of diarrhea that has the gall to call itself a movie.

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[1] Chuck Norris is disqualified for also being a dumbass, which kills his badass cred dead.