Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fail Quote of the Late Night: Biden on the evils of “media piracy”, redux

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Vice-President Joe Biden
Vice-President Joe Biden

In which Vice-President Joe Biden continues his assault on common sense and reality by comparing filesharing to defrauding customers with cheap knock-offs:

"Whether we're talking about fake drugs that hurt...or knock off car tires that fall apart at 65 miles per hour causing injury and death, counterfeits kill," Biden said at the White House.

That’s twice now that the VP has said something mind-numbingly idiotic regarding the supposed evils of filesharing. Last Monday, I commented on how he’d compared downloading copyrighted content off the Web to vandalizing storefronts and physically robbing the joint. Now, he’s actually claiming that “media piracy” will kill people?

Just what the hell is this guy smoking? Unless he can rationally and credibly explain how clicking a button and downloading movies, songs, games, software and so on onto your hard drive is comparable to low-quality drugs or crashing a fucking car, or any other situation that leads to people actually losing their lives, then I don’t really see any other reason for him gaffing this badly. It’s past moronic and entering the outright dumbass.

(via @todayspolitics)