Sunday, July 25, 2010

Daily Blend: Sunday, July 25, 2010

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F-18 fighter jet crashing into the ground during an air show (pilot ejects safely)
F-18 jet crashing during air show
[source: Photoblog]

Did you mark your calendar? Today is Preliator’s 1st blogiversary!

  • House of Representatives passes a bill that makes it easier for Native American women who are raped by non-Natives to have their day in court. So, of course, all 92 who voted against this bill are Republicans. See the roll call of shame here.
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  • Another reason to legalize marijuana: Regulating and taxing pot would potentially increase state revenues by “hundreds of millions of dollars”.
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  • Rush Limbaugh attacks Fox “News”’s Shepard Smith and Bill O’Reilly for “caving in” when they finally admitted they were wrong about Shirley Sherrod and should’ve researched the Breitbart video.
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  • Petite woman bumped off Southwest Airlines flight to accommodate an obese passenger who required an extra seat. Because they couldn’t just have the latecomer take another flight or something. Best part of all? Said overweight individual is 14 years old.
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  • Sonographers want you to know that pointing a cellphone or camcorder at the monitor while they perform an ultrasound should be stopped is very very distracting and can cause them to “miss vital signs of problems in the developing baby”. (No mention of the fact that it could provide evidence should they commit malpractice.) I’m not saying that patients should have a film crew in the room or anything, but still, if you’re so easily unsettled by someone pointing a small handheld camera at the monitor that you manage to miss an erratic heartbeat or some deformation and you also can’t figure out to simply play back the recording to do away with any lingering doubts, then you are one pathetic practitioner.
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  • Coolest (and freakiest) photos of an F-18 pilot ejecting splitseconds before his/her jet smashes into the ground you ever did see.
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  • Remember that iconic Internet Tough Guy with the fat, bespectacled geek smoking a cigarette at his computer? Yeah, he apparently grew up. Not sure if it’s really him, but still, neat.
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  • How very much utterly pathetic.
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