Thursday, June 10, 2010

How not to do a good parody of Lady Gaga, the Westboro way

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The last thing my life needs is more Lady Gaga; my distaste for her music equals my generalized disdain for just about 95% of the gunk on the airwaves these days. However, I know just about nothing of the woman herself, other than that she apparently has a love for wearing stuff that makes her look like a demented bug from Hell. However, if the maxim holds true that anyone being targeted by the likes of the Westboro Baptist Church – or specifically, one of Fred Phelps’s hellspawn, Megan Phelps – is most likely to be a decent person, then I may just have gained some measure of respect for her. (Though still not her music. Oh, God no.)

Not as catchy as I’d feared. Which is the only good thing about this sorry excuse for a parody.

(via Dispatches From the Culture Wars)