Thursday, June 03, 2010

Guest Post: Gene Burmington on anti-gay movement in Uganda

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This is a guest post by Gene Burmington. (Obligatory disclaimer: the views and opinions expressed in the guest post are the writer’s own and do not necessarily reflect my own.)

Ugandan anti-gay pastor Martin Ssempa
Ugandan anti-gay pastor Martin Ssempa
He eat da poo-poo and he like it

Ssempa is an ignoramus who embodies every aspect of Christianity which could possibly go wrong. By condemning homosexuality, he refuses to reaffirm the forgiveness of Christ; a right guaranteed even a man on death row.

Not only does he refuse to acknowledge this fact, he is also very blatant to ignore the reason why early Christians killed people. People in Salem were unanimous in their selection of persons which were unfaithful in their congregation and would execute them to save their souls before the Devil could make them more wicked.

Ugandans who are staunch opposers of homosexuality and gay rights make no mention of this; even under the guise of religion, Ugandans don't care about the purity of these people's souls or want them to reach heaven-they just want them gone.

Rather than export them from the country, it is a far clearer demonstration of their condemnation to kill their own sick deviants, as god hath intended.

Of course, god really isn't too specific about how to punish sodomy, is he? He says it is abomination-he doesn't say what to do about it.

It can be expected that people with a limited sense of social responsibility and appreciation for overall rights would quickly connect the dots toward murder.

After all, let's be quite clear; throughout history, death has been the immediate solution to something that people fear and hate. When someone is killed, they are gone forever and nobody else has the courage to stand up.

If it worked for Hitler and Stalin, Uganda can do it too.

After they kill enough people, homosexuality will be so far underground in Uganda that they'll need an oil drill to find the rest.

Of course, Ssempa would inflame people with his two most biting examples in his kangaroo court of homophobia:

"They eat da poo poo"; a lie taken out of context. What he refers to is scatophilia, a separate deviant fetish that is prevalent in both straight and homosexual persons.

He probably makes this connection because homosexuals are predominantly focused on the anal area, which is soundly understandable; how else can two men have sex?

The fact he takes this example and parades it around is shameful. All he did was take the worst example of homosexual erotica and turn it into common gay practice as though eating shit and being gay were the same thing.

To put it another way, that would be like waving around pornography images of bestiality and saying, "This is what da heterosexual people do-dey make babies with da chicken!"

Another example of his is where he gets a guest speaker who was "recruited" by lesbians with a laptop, an iPod, and other expensive goods.

First off, the LGBT association doesn't have that kind of money to throw around for every single gay person they find. Second, the LGBT doesn't "recruit" people to be gay. This is a throwback to that flawed Christian idea that gay people can choose.

There really isn't any point to arguing that further. Smart people already know that, and stupid people continue to delude themselves into thinking that there was a choice to being gay.

Although, this needs to be said: would one of these straight razor preachers CHOOSE to be gay? of course not. People who turn out to be gay aren't transformed into gays; they were just tired of living the social lie of being like everyone else.

Finally, Ssempa, you say that people who disagree don't have a problem with you, they have a problem with god.

To say that implies your lack of wisdom of what god wants, after all, god doesn't want the death of the gays.

God wants the death of the Jews, the death of adulterous women, the death of anyone in an interracial marriage, the death of bestialists, the death of Muslims, the death of scientists, the death of rich men, the death of blasphemers, the death of witches, god wants the death of Protestants, god wants the death of Catholics, god wants the death of Mormons, god wants the death of Native-Americans and-

The death of people who alter his holy word, or those who make changes to his good book.

So hypothetically, even if god wants us to love one another, the first priority of fallible human beings is to use his holy word to kill people they don't like.

Who cared about killing the gays during the crusades?

Who wanted to kill an interracial couple when Protestants and Catholics were busy interpreting god and slaughtering each other in a 30 year war?

Time is relative, today it is the gays. Tomorrow people will forget and use god's word to kill the illegal immigrants coming from Mexico or Nicaragua.

People must see that what Christianity views as an enemy of the faith is really an enemy of society under the guise of sponsored bigotry.

Only when society ceases to possess easy enemies it can hate and target, can we finally live by the teachings of Jesus and be neighbors as the great man above intended.

You know, neighbors who don't rat each other out to a corrupt authority just because someone doesn't agree with them.

(Note: this post was written partially in the context of this video.)