Tuesday, June 01, 2010

No, no, this Ugandan anti-gay pastor has gay sex all wrong!

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Who knew that gays wanted to EAT DA POO-POO? For a spearheader of the horrible Ugandan Kill-the-Gays bill, pastor Martin Ssempa sure seems finely in-tune with the workings of gay sex … or his weird-ass version of it, anyway. You’d think he got mixed up with 2 Girls, 1 Cup.

[Content Warning: though graphics are blurred, video contains explicit language with scatophilia (eating feces) and other sex acts. Definitely NSFW.]

Seriously, does this sort of stuff really deserve more than a mention and a passing snarky comment? At least, until you realize that the vast majority of Ugandans are all like this … at which point you enter a whole new level of worry for some parts of humanity.

(via Friendly Atheist)