Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Actual feminists on the dangers of rabid anti-sex feminism

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One of my biggest pet peeves currently is fanaticism/extremism with regards to social movements, be they environmentalism, animal welfare, anti-war, general equality, and etc. If being staunch and adamant about one’s position is a good (if not required) thing, then escalating the rhetoric to levels of hatred and blind paranoia is just as harmful to any movement as is the strongest of public opposition. No rational person can look at the likes of PETA and honestly say that they’re doing the animal rights movement any good by acting like a bunch of insane nuts (and blatantly hypocritical ones, to boot). All that fanatical activists accomplish is poisoning public opinion – which, last I checked, is supposed to be the exact opposite of what social reform is all about. And few movements tend to be both as crucial, and as filled with whackjobs, as modern feminism.

Now, just so we’re clear: I’m a feminist, myself, in the sense that I do regard men and women as fundamentally equal and that I believe they therefore merit full equal standing in the eyes of the law and society in general. However, I generally prefer to use the term “egalitarian” to describe myself, as no one minority or class of people has any more importance to me than any other. I am every bit as much pro-feminism as I am pro-gay rights, or pro-racial equality, and so on.

But another important reason why I don’t choose to call myself a “feminist” specifically, is because of the aforementioned extremists and fanatics – or, as I prefer to know them as, rabid feminists. These are the type of feminists who believe, or who behave as though they believe, that merely being a male makes one’s arguments regarding feminism and its topics (such as rape culture) worthless and their views and opinions inappropriate (an attitude I’ve personally dealt with in the past), or that anyone who dares to say that the cause for women’s rights has progressed greatly over the last few decades has been brainwashed by teh paytriarky, or that anyone who values sex and being casual about nudity is a (misogynistic) pervert, and especially, that whenever science and its practitioners arrive at a conclusion regarding the evidence about some controversial topic – specifically, the effects of pornography and sex workers in society – that such things are actually either harmless, or even, beneficial, then they are just (misogynistic) scientician d00ds who just laugh around together at the thought of subjecting poor wimmen to all those horrible and oppressive sexuality experiments and whose idea of research is to spend their days gobbling down as much porn as they can take and then make up some random bullshit statistics about it and pass it off as science. All to oppress women, of course. Somehow.

As you can guess, myself being a lover of science, a faithful supporter of those who practice this noble art of reality, a (rather unashamed) fan of porn (or at least, some subsets of it), and the wielder of a sausage-and-eggs package (ie. XX chromosomes), hearing this sort of blatantly anti-science, anti-sex, misandrogynistic and generally moronic bullshit tends to make my blood boil faster than even the likes of Vox Day could ever dream of. (Not that he doesn’t seem to try, mind you.)

However, as much as I could go on in a little rant regarding sex, pornography, sex workers and their values to and for women and feminism, all I’d be doing is parroting what’s said in this video. The following is a collaboration between various well-known online feminists, notably the ever-brainy beauty (best combo in the world) that is ZOMGitsCriss, who discuss just what’s wrong with rabid feminism and its irrational views regarding patriarchies, and especially, the sex industry and the women who are a part of it.

Can’t really find much to add to that. Everyone needs to see this – and rabid feminists ought to be forced to watch it somehow. Might just drive some sense into them.

(And, in closing, a quick footnote: I have never used, and nor will I ever use, the term “feminazi” to describe even the most blindly hateful of misandrogynistic feminists. However bad they may be, I think it holds true that equating them to a party/ideology that engaged in the mass-murder of 11 million innocent souls is absolutely crossing a line. Let’s not cut ourselves short with Godwinning, folks. Drop the “feminazi” terms, I beg of you.)