Saturday, May 08, 2010

So this means I’m pure, then?

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Check out this collection of segments from an old Christian TV show, Pamela’s Prayer (sounds tempting already, doesn’t it?), emphasizing how kissing is something really really special that you should wait for your One True LoveTM for, unless you wanna head down a spiral of kissing- and sex-fueled self-destruction. Or something.

From this, we can make four easy logical conclusions: A) that show sucked, B) Christian propaganda is really icky, C) that father will doubtlessly have taken his daughter to one of those revolting purity balls, and D) the sequel will feature the joyless couple forcing themselves to commit to a loveless relationship ruined by the post-marital revelation that they have no physical chemistry in the bed.

… Okay, that last one may be stretching things a bit, but you get the idea. There are absolutely no good rational reasons for abstaining from kissing, sex, loving or anything else until you meet that fabled (and most likely nonexistent) Prince Charming or the female equivalent (Princess Adorable?). You can (and some might say, should) opt to wait for a serious relationship to come along before engaging in any intimate or sexual activity if you prefer, but the idea that doing otherwise will destroy your love life is just puritanical nonsense.

(via Friendly Atheist)