Saturday, May 08, 2010

FAIL Quote of the Day: Hannity uses lies to call for Obama to “step up or step aside”

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In entry #8,642 why you shouldn’t go to Faux News for any sort of responsible journalism or even the most basic of factual accuracy, watch as Sean Hannity lies, distorts and bullshits about Obama and his administration’s actions in the past week facing the plethora of out-of-the-blue disasters that have popped up as of late, and then uses these fabrications as a basis for declaring that the Obama administration is “irresponsible” and that the President needs to either “step up or step aside”. Seriously.

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You could drown him in a sea of slime and he still wouldn’t be more of a sleazy little git. Let’s review his arguments, one by one (minus the intermittent little swipes):

  • 1) The Gulf oil spill is “Obama’s Katrina”.
    This is absurd on a number of levels. Katrina was a very sudden event (as hurricanes tend to be), whereas the oil spill developed gradually over the course of several days, stretching into weeks. Katrina laid waste to an entire state (and much more still) and devastated a major US city almost beyond repair, taking hundreds upon hundreds of lives; the oil spill has yet to take a single human life. The Bush administration’s response to Katrina was absolutely deplorable, taking weeks to get even the most basic of aid to the ailing New Orleans, whereas the present administration stepped in almost immediately to deal with the Gulf oil spill. As Joe Scarborough said, making the Katrina-oil spill comparison is “absolutely obscene” and anyone who draws that analogy “is an idiot”. More debunkings here and here.

  • 2) The administration failed to act during the Gulf oil spill; example: Dept. of Interior Chief of Staff Tom Strickland went rafting during the oil spill.
    So, because one official neglected his duties (as far as we can tell), therefore, the entire administration failed to act? A kindergartner could tell you that’s a moronic argument.

  • 3) Obama bashes the Arizona anti-immigration law without knowing anything about it.
    This is in fact illustrative of Hannity’s own cognitive failings. Obama repeatedly denounced the law by saying that it will lead to racial profiling, yet Hannity contends that the law itself “explicitly forbids racial profiling”. Apparently, Hannity both fails to comprehend how Obama was talking about the logical results of the enforcement of such a law as opposed to how it should be carried out in theory, and apparently imagines that because the law “explicitly forbids racial profiling”, therefore, it won’t happen regardless. Because, of course, when it comes to trying to identify possible illegal immigrants, no-one would dare to evaluate such criteria as your clothes, language, and most of all, your skin color. If Hannity really does think so, he’s either incredibly naive or just plain dumb.

  • 4) The Obama administration is at fault for letting the then-suspected Times Square would-be bomber onto a plane just before his arrest.
    Bullshit. Obama is correct in blaming the airport security’s lack of competency; they’re the ones responsible for filtering passengers and intercepting possible threats, not the freaking executive government.

  • 5) The Obama administration has been “slow to react” to the Nashville, TN flooding.
    Look, when even the city mayor himself openly praises the speed and efficiency of Obama’s response to the disaster, you just can’t find a big enough “bullshitter” stamp for Hannity’s forehead.

This is what Hannity asks his viewers to judge Obama’s performance on – falsehoods and nonsense that can be debunked with 30 seconds of Googling and a modicum of logic. The dishonest little twerp then has the gall to declare that this is why the President needs to either “step up or step aside”.

Blogger karoli at Crooks and Liars has his/her own take on the matter and exposes some of the discrediting skeletons in Hannity’s own closet.

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