Sunday, May 16, 2010

Missouri House approves allowing pharmacies to refuse to dispense “morning-after” pill

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All the colors of the rainbow

And the misguided crusade against contraception continues:

The provision was added by a 109-42 vote Tuesday to a broader bill on state licensing. The bill now goes back to the Senate.

The measure would bar legal action against pharmacies that refuse to provide the abortion drug known as RU-486 or the emergency “morning-after” contraception sold as Plan B. Pharmacies would not be obligated to advise people how to get the drugs.

Missouri licensing officials say there are currently no state pharmacy regulations on contraceptives.

And there shouldn’t be, either. Pharmacies should be required to provide all types of over-the-counter contraceptives, from condoms to pills, without letting right-wing ideological nonsense filter in and restrict the practice of safe sex and reproductive health. But, hey, maybe when more and more young girls are getting abortions because of a lack of contraceptives, the Right will see the light … or, more likely, they’ll then blame the ease of getting an abortion (as if) and impose tighter restrictions on pregnancy termination, such as in Oklahoma and elsewhere. Then, there’ll be an increase in teen pregnancies and underage parents, so the Right will then blame sex ed for failing these poor little kids. Circle of life and all that.

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