Saturday, May 01, 2010

The courts system isn’t broken; it’s rotting in its piss-soaked grave

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Skinny jeans such as those worn by the alleged victim

In the pantheon of stupid fucking excuses a defense can seize upon to try and “disprove” allegations of rape, this one has got to be the single most mind-blowingly idiotic of all time (or damn close):

A man was acquitted of rape today after a jury agreed his victim could not have been sexually assaulted while wearing skinny jeans.

Nicholas Gonzales, 23, told a court in Australia that sex with the 24-year-old woman was consensual, despite her claim he had ripped off her size six skinny jeans before the attack.

The Sydney jury sent a note to the judge during the trial asking for more information about 'how exactly Nick took off her jeans'.

The note from a jury member added: 'I doubt those kind of jeans can be removed without any sort of collaboration.'

You read that right: the defense is actually arguing that Gonzales, the alleged rapist, couldn’t possibly have assaulted the alleged victim because her jeans were “too tight”, which meant that she would’ve had to take them off willingly.

Look, I don’t know whether the allegations of rape are true, and the report certainly isn’t conclusive in any case. As always, I will withhold my judgment until it’s certain beyond reasonable doubt that the alleged victim truly was sexually violated by the accused man. But the fact remains, however, that when it’s gotten to the point where the courts actually accept such legal “arguments” as “but, her clothes were too tight, I couldn’t get them off without her helping me!”, as though something such as, say, a goddamned knife wouldn’t “fix” that problem in, like, making the victim obey and take her clothes off – and actually acquit someone being accused, especially of charges this serious, based solely on such mangled reasoning … then you know that’s a court system that’s completely FUBAR. Case closed.

Ridiculous crap like this is the reason why I both hate and fear the modern justice system, when innocents are the ones who end up prosecuted and criminals are cleared of charges they deserve.

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