Sunday, April 25, 2010

Daily Blend: Sunday, April 25, 2010

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Daily Blend

Only one day ’til over a hundred thousand semi-exposed mammaries across the globe make the earth tremble … (You know, if that idiot cleric is right and all.)

  • Look, there are ways to make decent rap music about politics and ideology. But, conservatives: please, stop trying to rap. You can’t do it, guys. Really, you just can’t.

  • The Ohio Medina County Republican Executive Committee now considering overt misogyny as a campaign tool: fliers were sent out to about 15,000 homes with the message “Let's take Betty Sutton out of the House and put her back in the kitchen!”. Bonus: Committee chairman claims the fliers were meant as “educational”. Your interpretation is as good as mine.
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  • China’s infamous one-child rule may be on its way out. </insert obligatory mildly humorous and politically incorrect “as if there weren’t enough already” comment here>
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  • So your 5-year-old daughter cussed, bites her nails, knows she was delivered via cesarean and you cuddled her for 10 minutes before dropping her off at daycare? Congrats, you now have to flee to Ireland, and later Dubai, to escape Nanny State UK’s social services who have now labeled you as an abusive parent. (Note: before anyone starts nagging that this story comes from the Daily Mail, it’s also in the Times Online and the BBC.)
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  • And they say porn stars don’t care about their customers. (Also: how fucking stupid did the prosecution have to be not to know that Little Lupe, a particularly renown smut actress, was of legal age in all her films? Worse still, how heartless and incompetent do they have to be not to spend five fucking minutes making some calls or Googling on the Web to find out whether the actress was indeed legal, as opposed to relying solely on some charlatan’s bullshit testimony? Christ, it scares the shit out of me how so many innocent people can be prosecuted and have their lives ruined for absolutely no reason other than due to sheer incompetence and dishonesty on the prosecution’s part.)
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  • Every straight Internet male (and possibly lesbian)’s dream woman, fer realz. Well, except me. Because I’m a realist. And so lonely.
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  • If you cut off my ponytail in school as a prank, trust me, you’d be lucky to get away with no more than an arrest, buddy.
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