Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Belated Discovery: Nostalgia Critic (he remembers it so we don’t have to)

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You know, for someone who prides himself on being an general Internet geek, I’m constantly pointed in the direction of stuff that I arguably should have heard of and fallen in love with ages ago. So, hence the prefix to this post’s title, I’m starting a new sporadic series, Belated Discoveries (or short for “stuff I can’t believe I never knew about before but now that I do I love it and I’m gonna pimp like a whore”). Today’s Discovery is something that was pointed to me by my friend Gene a few days ago and that I’ve been positively hooked on ever since: the Nostalgia Critic. (And really, just the whole crew at That Guy With the Glasses.) He makes the Angry Video Game Nerd sound unfunny. (Though frankly, to me, he is, mostly.)

Here’s a representative sample: the Care Bears Movie review.

The gun bit almost had me in tears.