Monday, March 29, 2010

Another story where there are no “two sides”

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Finally trying to live up to their slogan of “fair and balanced”, Fox News recently interviewed both Christopher Hitchens and Bill “Jackass” Donohue on the subject of the ever-increasing evidence that the Catholic Church was not only well-aware of the dozens and hundreds of child sex abuse cases throughout the world, but even went out of its way to protect its child-molesting priests and shield the whole affair from external eyes for decades, if not much longer still.

First, Hitchens lays out the damning evidence weighing against the Church and Pope Ratzi himself:

Next comes Donohue, all flustered at his favorite cult being exposed for the sick, child-molester-infested hive that it is:

Just by knowing that it’s Bill Donohue, you can automatically sweep away just about all the twisted rationalizations he spouts in defense of the Church’s actions. His primary argument seems to be that because the gravest case of them all, the one where a priest allegedly molested over 200 deaf boys, happened decades ago and that the Church (supposedly) only learned of it in the mid-90s, therefore, nothing’s wrong. Or something. Where is his outrage, not at these allegations in themselves, but at what they target? Where is his condemning of the Church’s policy of hiding and protecting its child-fucking priests? There is none. Nope; instead, of course, it’s all the fault of those damn secular lib’ruls!

I think I should stop calling him “Bill ‘Jackass’ Donohue”. It seems far too respectful. Maybe something more like, “Bill ‘child-rape-apologist’ Donohue”. Yeah … suits him much better.

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