Wednesday, February 24, 2010

FAIL Quote of the Day: How long can you fall in the pit of Ray Comfort’s ignorance?

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The stupid, it burns

In response to a commenter accusing him of not knowing the first thing about science, particularly for his analogy that falling is actually violating gravity, the Mustachioed Buffoon makes it clear how he knows even less of science than one may have thought possible:

If you hit the ground at 120 mph from 1,000 feet, you will suffer the consequences of violating what calls the law of gravity. If you will remember the context in which I called gravity a law--I said that if you break the law of gravity, you will suffer the consequences, and if you violate God’s Law you will suffer the consequences--"The soul that sins, it shall die."

Except that, first of all, what we mean by “laws” in physics (or science in general) are basically established facts. There can simply be no equating them to other usages of the word “law”, such as in the human rule of law, which is little more than a bunch of abstract guidelines scribbled down in books and enforced through other concepts, such as authority and disciplining. They are not observable, testable and quantifiable “facts of nature”. Saying that because our human laws can be broken, therefore laws of physics can be as well, is utterly ridiculous; it’s the ultimate false comparison and denotes how profound Ray’s ignorance runs.

Then, if one were to violate a physical law (which is always possible, only in most cases, it would require immense amounts of energy, more than we can possibly produce), it means that we are doing something contrary to what is supposed to be happening. In other words: violating the law of gravity would mean not being attracted to objects of large mass (such as, say, the Earth) and simply floating away. Ray’s analogy of breaking the law of gravity by plummeting to the ground and the “penalty” being injury or death is, again, completely absurd and shows no less than a massive misunderstanding of the basics of physics, if not science in general.

Ray Comfort, for continuing to deny your own monumental shortcomings in terms of basic comprehension of basic scientific notions and then parading this very ignorance around and admonishing those who actually do know something about science – this, is why you FAIL.