Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh dear, this bird’s swallowed a camera! And a car! And a chainsaw!

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I’ve heard of all types of birds making all types of vocalizations; some pretty, some considerably less pleasant. However, if you would’ve told me about an avian that could replicate the sounds of a camera taking a snapshot and whirring, a car alarm going off, and chainsaws tearing through the forest, amongst a cacophony of others, and that wasn’t some freaky parrot, I would’ve asked you to prove it, for I would’ve been seriously skeptical.

Frankly, all you would’ve had to do was to show me this video featuring the Lyrebird. Some small, nagging part of me is almost convinced it’s fake … but then, you’ve got the legendary David Attenborough in there, so that’s about as clear a seal of validity as you’re gonna get.

Makes you wonder how far and wide that thing’s been flying around in order to have picked up on all those particular sounds.

Though, I won’t be truly impressed until I hear it spout some U2 or Evanescence. Then come and find me.

(via Pharyngula)