Friday, December 18, 2009

What it all comes down to …

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This actually explains a lot. About denialists’ mindset, anyway.

“What if Global Warming is a big hoax and we create a better world for nothing?”
“What’s the point in making this a better world if there’s no impending global catastrophe to prevent? Why improve our lives for the sake of improving our lives?”

Anthropogenic global warming isn’t a hoax, or an unsubstantiated scientific hypothesis. It’s a well-established fact that every single accredited and properly peer-reviewed scientist accepts as scientific reality. But, when you think about it: even if it wasn’t so (however exceedingly unlikely that may be) … so what? Could someone please tell me how or why making a better, more cost-efficient world for us all would be a bad thing, regardless of whether it’s spawned by the need to prepare for oncoming climate change or not?

There are lots of socio-political cartoons that get it right, but rarely do they hit the nail right on the head as well as this one does. Kudos to The Real MFG (for finding it).

Edit (11:57 AM): Removed the comic’s attribution to MFG as he points out it isn’t his own.

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