Saturday, December 05, 2009

Another fantastic debunking of “Climategate”

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I’m always pleased at how few sources exist that are as valuable and within grasp as is YouTube when it comes to tearing apart ignorance, stupidity and anti-scientific bullshit. From Thunderf00t to Aron Ra (including, of course, the attractive and brainy ZOMGitsCriss), you can always rely on someone to come up and explain exactly how and why loudmouthed airheads are wrong, and usually with a very pleasing helping of shaming to boot. This time, another such prominent YouTuber/skeptic, potholer54, gives us this great debunking of the latest anti-Anthropogenic Global Warming pseudo-scandal, the hacked CRU eMails affair known as “Climategate”, as well as he eviscerates the “febrile nitwits” who so boisterously trumpet their own misunderstandings, ignorance and scientific illiteracy into meaning “Global Warming is a hoax!”.

So, to recap: all these talking points referring to these hacked eMails that are so popular amongst right-wing denialists are all based on misunderstandings, ignorance and generalized dishonesty with regards to the actual science?

Well, color me shocked.


But, of course, none of these denialists will ever watch this vid, and even should they, they especially won’t try and actually respond to its points and, y’know, facts. Forget actually looking at the fucking evidence, or performing even a few minutes’ worth of research, or or having any regard context of any sort, or using their common sense, or any of that “intellectually honest” guff … Nah, their truthiness is far too great for that, isn’t it?

Cowards and imbeciles, the lot of ’em. Oh, how they make my skin crawl off into a dark corner.

(via Pharyngula)
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