Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bill Maher and the Year of Ridiculous Republicans

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Ah, Bill Maher. Whilst there are plenty (bordering on “many”) of things to despise about him – his support for anti-vaccination lunacy and homeopathy, affiliations with PETA, and etc. to name a few – you gotta love it when he starts ripping into kooks and nuts who deserve it so very much. In this video, he truly bares his wonderfully acerbic fangs when it comes to some of our most beloved (or hated) wingnuts, such as Dick Cheney, the teabaggers, Michelle Bachmann and others. Talk about ending his final show of the season in style.

If, for any reason, you are such an unlucky bastard that you can’t even see the vid above, you just have to enjoy these select quotes:

[About Republicans rallying around Dick Cheney] who, for a while, popped up on TV more often than the GEICO lizard, to demand he be given proper credit for torture. Not that I’m comparing Cheney to the GEICO lizard. One’s a cold-blooded reptile and the other is the GEICO lizard.


Yes, the teabaggers, who started a movement and in the process, sullied the name of a perfectly good gay sex act. That’s right; when the year started, “teabagging” was a phrase that referred to dangling one’s testicles in someone else’s face, and they managed to turn it into something gross and ridiculous.


[On Michele Bachmann] The floor of the cave called; it wants its batshit back.

Seriously, though, the vid is chock-full of these gems. Get it/them.

(via Dispatches from the Culture Wars)