Thursday, September 24, 2009

Stupid Quote of the Day: Pastor Tom (again) on praying in government meetings

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The Freedom From Religion Foundation is organizing a rally against the use of Christian prayer at government meetings in North Richland Hills, Texas. Their rationale is that it should be up to the individual should they want to pray or not, without having prayer demanded from everyone. Damn straight, no?

Pastor Tom says no:

After reading the Constitution, wouldn't you say that we have the free right to pray before a council meeting if we want to? Of course we do, but groups like the FFRF don't care about our freedoms, they care about pushing their beliefs on everyone else. Just like atheists have the right NOT to pray, Christians have the right to pray, regardless of our location, and that's the HardTruth.

*Sigh* So bloody stupid. One day, T.Estes, and other cranks like him, might get it through their abnormally thick skulls that no-one is taking away anyone else’s right to pray. The FFRF is merely stopping the government from imposing prayer, usually Christian prayer, upon everyone at the assembly at the start of meetings. To claim otherwise proves one to be either illiterate, or of sub-normal intelligence.

In the case of Pastor Tom, he’s consistently shown himself to be both, to varying degrees.