Friday, September 25, 2009

Creation finds a U.S. distributor!

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Well, at-frickin’-last! The oh-so-controversial Darwin biopic, which had up ’til now been snubbed by the American film biz out of fear that its content matter – you know, chronicling the life and times of the father of the Theory of Evolution – would prove too negatively rousing for the American Christian audiences, is finally gonna be aired on American soil.

NEW YORK -- Indie distributor Newmarket is back on the acquisitions scene, picking up U.S. rights to Toronto International Film Festival opener "Creation."

Chris Ball's and Robert Fyvolent's company has sealed the deal for Jon Amiel's pic about the life of Charles Darwin, and will aim for a December release.

Newmarket is the same company that also distributed breakouts like Momento and The Passion of the Christ. They do seem fond of giving potential movies a good upstart. It’s also quite clever of them to be aiming for holiday audiences, even if it means we still have a few months to wait before seeing the film.

(via The Friendly Atheist)