Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet Glenn Moon, candidate for Supreme Kook City Council of Livonia, Michigan

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It's kinda hard to understand a damn thing this nut (and never have I used that term so appropriately) is saying amidst the mingled rants and raving for GOD AND JESUS CHRIST OUR SAVIOR AND MESSIAH AMEN – *ahem* – but the general lines seem to be that he will be focusing his campaign for the Livonia chamber of commerce on three central lines:

  1. Ending child genocide – erm, abortion;
  2. Cleaning up litter (okay, fair enough, though you gotta wonder if it's really bad enough as to make him devote an entire campaign promise to it); and
  3. Firing any city employees who refuse to work for a yearly salary of $1 to ... test their faith in God? Kinda hard to make out amidst the ravings here.

Just check out this video and be enlightened (or not).

Isn't it funny how true fundies always do an even better job at being downright crazy than poes or satires? Must be extra Holy Spirit or something.

Thankfully, I do believe this nut has a remarkably spartan chance of ever being elected, or even glanced at a second time. Sure, he'll get some votes, but as far as actually being nominated into office ... you'd do better to expect to be hit by lightening.


(Sidenote: Livonia is actually Orac's hometown. Not sure whether to pity him for this ...)

(Thanks (but no thanks) to Anonymous in the comments for a quick correction.)

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